The Ministry of the Environment issued proposed draft compost guidelines for consultation.

The Ministry is proposing to update the Interim Guidelines for the Protection and Use of Aerobic Compost in Ontario (2004) to include the most up-to-date best management practices and standards. It will include guidance for facility siting, design, equipment use and operation procedures including feedstock control and odour prevention. Most importantly, it includes the following three new compost categories:

Category AA – Ontario’s current compost standard, which is the highest quality compost product, and the strictest standard in Canada.

Category A – Category A would be the same as AA in almost all regards, except it would allow slightly elevated levels of zinc and copper in the finished compost and would allow biosolids that meet the feedstock metal standards to be used as feedstock.

Category B – Category B would allow higher levels of metal in the finished compost than Category A, and would also allow biosolids that meet the feedstock metal standards to be used as feedstock. 

The Ministry also proposes to amend Regulation 347 under the environmental Protection Act to establish an exemption from the definition of “waste” for Category AA materials and for Category A material provided it meets quality standards and labeling requirements. 

A number of complimentary amendments are also proposed to Regulation 267/03 related to “non-agricultural source material” and “agricultural source material”.

The proposal has been posted for 60 days for comments until January 23, 2010. 


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