Premier McGuinty announced that the Government of Ontario would match new federal housing investment included in the 2009 federal Budget.

The combined federal and provincial investment will equal $1.2 billion over two years. He also announced a proposed increase to the Ontario Child Benefit effective July 1, 2009.


Today’s announcement confirmed that the Province will match the approximately $600 million committed by the 2009 federal Budget for a combined provincial and federal investment of approximately $1.2 billion over two years.

According to the announcement, the combined federal and provincial funding will fund the renovation of 50,000 social housing units and build 4,500 new affordable housing units. The provincial and federal governments will each invest:

  • $352 million to repair social housing units and make them more energy efficient;
  • $185 million to create new affordable housing for low-income seniors and persons with disabilities; and
  • $87.5 million to extend the Canada-Ontario Affordable Housing Program.
Details about the rollout of this funding are not yet available. The federal funding was included in the 2009 Federal Budget as part of the federal stimulus package. One important outcome of the funding will be the creation of 23,000 short term jobs related to the construction and repair of social housing in Ontario. 

The Premier also announced that the government is proposing to increase the new Ontario Child Benefit this July, from $600 to a maximum of $1,100 per child, per year. The Child Benefit is funded 100 percent by the Province.     


AMO will work with the Province to ensure that this funding benefits communities in every part of Ontario. AMO will continue to advocate for sustainable federal and provincial investment in social housing.