AMO is obligated under the Federal Gas Tax Fund (GTF) Agreement and the Federal Public Transit Fund (PTF) Agreement (the Agreements) to produce an aggregate outcomes report to Ontarians by September 30th, 2009. This outcomes report must demonstrate how local investments in Environmentally Sustainable Municipal Infrastructure (ESMI) have contributed to cleaner water, cleaner air, and reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in communities throughout Ontario.

AMO’s report summarizes the outcomes information submitted by Ontario municipalities. We see that both the gas tax fund and the public transit fund have contributed to quantifiable improvements in our environmental sustainability through investments in the categories of community energy, solid waste, water, wastewater, public transit and roads and bridges. 

Projects supported by this fund have:

  • Reduced the number of adverse water quality test results by close to 94% in eight municipalities; 
  • Improved drinking water in 29 municipalities;
  • Improved wastewater treatment for more than 40,000 households;
  • Diverted 71,000 tonnes of waste from Ontario landfills;
  • Expanded composting programs to 270,000 households;
  • Improved 2,000 kilometres of roads; and,
  • Decreased energy demands in the province by over 7.65 million kilowatt hours annually – enough to power 732 average Ontario homes for a full year.
In addition to these quantifiable environmental benefits, we see that the Gas Tax Fund and the Public Transit Fund have both contributed to the social, cultural, and economic sustainability of our municipalities. Investments have promoted dialogue, stakeholder engagement, local and inter-governmental partnerships, local capacity building, heritage conservation and long-term planning. 

As a long-term, predictable stream of funding, the gas tax is also able to create employment and promote economic growth by providing a continuous injection into our local economies. 

As a mature and accountable order of government, municipal governments have shown that this unique arrangement can lead to investments in local priorities that contribute to cleaner water, cleaner air and reduced GHGs. 

Ultimately, the Federal Gas Tax and Public Transit Funds can be recognized for their contribution to the positive social, cultural, economic and environmental outputs that encourage the sustainability of our municipalities.


AMO’s full Outcomes Report, the summary brochure, and a search engine to locate Federal Gas Tax investments in your community are available at www.GasTaxAtWork.ca.