The Minister of Finance, Dwight Duncan, released the final reconciliation of the 2008 Ontario Municipal Partnership Fund (OMPF). This means that 128 municipalities from across the province will receive payments totaling $18.4 million.
The OMPF is a critical provincial funding program that assists municipalities with social program costs, equalization, policing costs, and assists northern and rural communities to provide services to citizens. Since the inception of OMPF, the government has provided reconciliation funding, which responds to year’s actual municipal costs for social services and policing.

The reconciliation of 2008 is a welcomed and important step. In a letter this week to AMO’s President, Peter Hume, the Minister acknowledges that AMO remains concerned about reconciliation for 2009. It noted, “However, we will not be making further decisions related to 2009 until later this year.” The good news is that the door remains open for 2009 actual to projections. AMO will continue to speak to the need for 2009 reconciliation and the impacts on municipal budgets to cover provincial program expenditures, which are predominantly now Ontario Works given the previous uploading of social program costs. Municipalities are urged to complete and submit their 2009 Financial Information Returns.

All municipalities will receive a notice of reconciliation for 2008 whether or not they are a recipient.