The government made an announcement that phases 2 and 3 of the Municipal Hazardous and Special Waste program which started July 1, 2010 have ended, including the consumer fees that were being charged to pay for that program.
The Phase 1 materials, which constitute approximately 74% of all designated MHSW materials will continue to be managed and paid for by the stewards of those products. The municipal costs of collection, processing and recycling of the Phase 2 materials will be covered by the province. Costs to manage the Phase 3 of the program are returned to municipalities to be covered by the municipal property tax. Phase 3 materials constitute a minor portion of the overall MHSW material composition as noted below. This means that municipal property taxpayers will pay the costs of managing household hazardous waste rather than either the manufacturer or the individual consumer.

Collection and management of Phases 2 and 3 is now left entirely to municipalities. Without other channels to collect hazardous waste, such as retail outlets, there will likely be less material collected and more pressure on municipal waste management services.

AMO will be providing input to the Ministry of the Environment on how the province can best manage its funding of Phase 2; the ongoing education of consumers so that hazardous products are less likely to find their way into landfills and how municipal interests in the delivery and cost of waste can be heard on a go forward basis.

AMO will monitor the roll out of the government’s approach for unintended consequences and seek prompt mitigation and we will strongly urge the government to hold the line on all other products.

Composition of Phase 3 MHSW materials:

  • Adhesives, contact cements, glues, epoxies
  • Some automotive additives for fuel systems and engine
  • Automotive waxes
  • Caulking
  • Fiberglass resins
  • Lighter/starter fluids
  • Paint/furniture strippers
  • Furniture/floor waxes
  • Tar/under coatings/driveway sealers
  • Windshield washer fluids
  • Kerosene, diesel, gasoline, camping fuels
  • waterproofing solutions
  • Foundation coatings
  • Automotive paint, high heat paint
  • Cosmetic removers such as nail polish removers
  • Some photo-chemicals