On January 20, 2010, the government announced the service providers selected to deliver employment services across the province.
In an effort to provide a streamlined, one stop system for those seeking employment and training programs, the government has reduced the number of agencies that will be providing employment services through the Employment Ontario program. Where once clients may have had to access more than one agency, for example, for career counseling or resume writing, they will now have access to all services in one location.

The realignment of service providers will result in some agencies no longer receiving funding through the provincial government. Those agencies no longer contracted will have a six-month transition period.

The government’s move supports one aspect of a key recommendation arising from the Provincial Municipal Fiscal and Service Delivery Review to better align and integrate employment services across the various programs being funded and delivered by the province and municipalities. AMO is currently working with the City of Toronto, the Ministry of Community and Social Services and Training, Colleges and Universities to implement this recommendation and ensure a more streamlined and integrated system for clients across all employment programs.

Employment Ontario provides access to training and skills development for those seeking employment. Employment Ontario also assists employers with hiring and apprenticeship placements as well as resources needed in the event of restructuring.