Long awaited provincial affordable housing policy not ready to go until fall 2010.

The consolidation exercise was a key social policy outcome from the Provincial Municipal Fiscal and Service Delivery Review. Recognizing the many inefficiencies in addressing housing and homelessness through a series of unrelated policies and funding streams was not the best way to meet the needs of people in communities across Ontario. The government, AMO and the City of Toronto agreed that developing a program that is responsive to local issues and needs would result in better outcomes. The partners have been working on a proposal on how to best approach the consolidation and local planning process.

A fall release of the provincial strategy may coincide with the extension of the federal Affordable Housing Programs. Municipal capacity to respond to numerous policy and program changes will be an important consideration. AMO is hopeful that the delay signals an understanding about the importance of getting this exercise right and that communities will benefit from doing so. AMO will continue to work with the government over the summer to ensure that the strategy reflects the needs and capacities of municipalities who continue to fund and deliver social and affordable housing in Ontario.