The Minister of Energy completed its consultation stage and finalized the Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plans Regulation now filed under the Green Energy Act.

The first step, due on July 1, 2013, it to report on annual energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions from designated facilities (see Table 1 for the list) as entered in the Energy Consumption and GHG Emission Template. The template is to be developed soon as the Ministry plans to consult with AMO and other stakeholders this fall. Municipalities would have to update and submit this template each year moving forward.

The second step, due on July 1, 2014, is to submit a 5 year energy conservation and demand management plan which include a description of current and proposed measures for conserving energy and managing demand. Upon renewal in 2019 these plans are to also include a report of actual results and revised forecasts moving forward.

AMO’s subsidiary LAS is currently working with provincial staff to ensure that its new Energy Planning Tool (EPT) will produce plans and reports that comply with this regulation. Municipalities will be able to access the EPT from an individually tailored and secure website for only $200 per annum and can export data from the Energy Management Tool (EMT) or other energy consumption tracking software platforms. Return an Expression of Interest Form if you would like to learn more about the EPT.

As initial steps to help you prepare for this new obligation, AMO recommends that municipal leaders appoint an energy management team and task this team with developing a mechanism to track energy consumption and greenhouse gases in an ongoing manner.