The Court Security and Prisoner Transportation upload provides a subsidy to offset municipal costs for providing security at provincial courts and transporting prisoners.
Today the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services will be sending letters to municipal treasurers with allocation details regarding the Court Security and Prisoner Transportation upload commencing in 2012. This will fulfill a key element of the 2008 Provincial-Municipal Fiscal and Service Delivery Review agreement.  This upload provides a seven-year provincial subsidy to offset municipal expenditures for providing security at provincial courts and transporting prisoners.

Ontario is the only province in Canada where legislation dictates court security be paid for with municipal property tax dollars and delivered through local police service boards via police chiefs.   For the first time in 22 years, the provincial government will begin to reimburse municipalities for the cost of providing these security services at provincial courts.

The upload value for each municipality is based on their relative share of the total 2010 municipal costs.  All municipalities, regardless of whether they hosted a court or not, were asked to itemize their 2008 and 2010 court security and prisoner transportation expenses.  In OPP policed communities, the OPP provided these estimates.   From 2012-2018 the upload will increase by 1/7 in each of those years to reach a full value of $125 million by 2018.

Total allocations to municipalities are:

2012 - $17. 8 million
2013 - $35.7 million
2014 - $53.5 million
2015 - $71.4 million
2016 - $89.2 million
2017 - $107.1 million
2018 - $125 million

An initial three-year funding agreement will accompany letters to treasurers and the funding transfer to municipalities.  The funding formula will be reviewed with municipalities prior to 2015 allocations being made.  This will take into consideration any changes in court facilities that may take place during this period.

Efforts towards the development of court security standards continue and are led by the Ministry of the Attorney General.  Discussions have included the key principle that any standards shall be flexible and appropriate to local needs and circumstances.

Work on the development of security standards for courts and an upload allocation methodology has been a cooperative venture between the province, AMO and Toronto.  AMO’s representatives to these discussions have included municipal staff, the Ontario Association of Police Services Boards, and the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police.