Election news roundup will supplement our platform analysis.

Here’s what the Parties (in alphabetical order) said last week (September 24-30) that relate to municipal government interests:

Green Party: Mr. Schreiner says that his party is committed to defend the interests of Ontario’s citizens and local communities (September 26).

Liberal Party: The Liberals announced that the Healthy Home Renovation Tax Credit for seniors will begin as of October 1, 2011. The credit is worth 15 per cent of up to $10,000 in renovations per year (September 29). A senior property tax deferral to be funded by the Province is also part of its platform.

New Democratic Party: The NDP released its platform’s fiscal framework document with the goal to balance the budget by the 2017-18 fiscal year (September 25).

Progressive Conservative Party: Mr. Hudak reaffirms his Party’s commitment to remove the HST from hydro and home heating bills, and the Debt Retirement Charge from home hydro bills (September 30).

Letters from the Parties

AMO has sent letters to the provincial party leaders asking for clarification on several commitments made regarding AMO’s Top 12 Asks and other key municipal policy issues. We’ve received several responses – letters are now posted on the Platform Analysis portion of our election page: Highlights include:

  • On October 1, AMO received a response from the Liberal Party clarifying their commitment to honour the upload and re- confirmed that the reconciliation of estimated costs to actual costs will be honoured including those for 2010. The letter also outlines the Party’s commitments to permanent funding for municipal road and bridges, property tax deferrals for seniors, an Ontario Housing Benefit, and funding for regional economic development.
  • As previously advised, AMO received a response from the New Democratic Party on September 23 outlining the Party’s commitments to municipal transit systems and $70 million annually for three years for roads and bridges directed towards smaller municipalities and rural areas that don’t have local transit systems; to build 54,500 affordable housing units over 10 years, a target which will be reached through strategies that include a $1.1 billion investment of Provincial funds to partner with the Federal government on affordable housing initiatives and supports extended producer responsibility for waste.
AMO will continue to keep you informed of any new significant election issues and announcements as we go into the last couple of days of the campaign.