The Ontario Ministry of Infrastructure announced that they had increased funding for the Municipal Infrastructure Strategy to $90 million.

The funding provides additional support for municipal capital projects in the areas of roads and bridges, water and wastewater.

Announced in August 2012, the Municipal Infrastructure Strategy originally contained $51 million for municipal infrastructure projects in the priority areas. This was in addition to the $8.5 million for municipal asset management planning. 

Applications for capital funding can be made on-line at on the Ministry of Infrastructure web site and are due by January 9, 2013. Applications must demonstrate how the funding fits within a comprehensive asset management plan and all Ontario municipalities, including those currently completing asset management plans, are eligible to apply. 

Ontario has made comprehensive asset management plans a requirement for all Broader Public Sector organizations seeking provincial funding for infrastructure projects. To ensure that all municipalities would be able to complete these and access funding, AMO advocated for asset management funding for municipalities that have capacity issues in completing these plans and funding to ensure that critical repairs and projects could be undertaken in the absence of major federal and provincial funding programs.  AMO is pleased that the Ontario Government has responded.

AMO continues to advocate for sustained provincial and federal funding for municipal infrastructure priorities. A copy of AMO’s submission to the federal government with recommendations for a Long Term Infrastructure Plan for Ontario’s communities can be found in the infrastructure section of AMO’s web site. 

For more information on how to apply for capital funding from the Ministry of Infrastructure, please see the Ontario Ministry of Infrastructure web site

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