On Monday, October 15, Dalton McGuinty resigned as Premier of Ontario. He will remain as Premier until the Liberal party chooses a leader. McGuinty also ended the current parliamentary session by proroguing the legislature. 

There are some procedural questions that we expect will be resolved in short order. However, AMO will continue to work with the Ontario Government to advance municipal priorities, and the Ontario Government can still conduct business, such as implementing regulation and new programs, or changes that do not require legislation. As always, AMO will provide members with regular policy analysis and updates – and AMO’s positions will be communicated openly, so that everyone in the Legislature understands municipal priorities.
AMO acknowledges the progress that we have made on various matters, including the uploading of social and court security costs and we wish Premier McGuinty well. We recommit to the pursuit of productive working relationships between Ontario’s municipal and provincial orders of government as AMO advances municipal priorities and needs.


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