September 27, 2012

To AMO Members:

Today the government released for consultation its proposed “Protecting Public Services Act.” This draft Bill sets out new compensation restraint measures and changes to the collective bargaining regime for the broader public sector. While municipal governments are exempt, this draft legislation proposes to include municipal employees who provide public health services where a municipality is or acts as a board of public health. It also proposes to include employees of long term care that are maintained by a municipality or board of management. These provisions alone will have impacts. This draft legislation also proposes to re-introduce the government’s proposed arbitration system changes that it positioned earlier this year in Bill 55. AMO’s “Post Budget Submission, June 2012” discusses Bill 55 and arbitration.

AMO, along with its expert labour counsel (Hicks Morley), will be reviewing this draft legislation in more detail. A copy of the 84 page proposed legislation and related compendium that explains the nature of the changes included in the eight (8) Schedules of the Bill can be downloaded from the government’s website. More information on the proposed Act and its impacts will be provided to you over the coming days as we continue to do the necessary analysis.

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