The Ministry of Energy announced the results of the FIT Program review on March 22, 2012. The Ontario Power Authority (OPA) has since posted draft FIT Program Rules and a draft FIT contract for public comment.

To submit feedback on the documents, please use the FIT Feedback Submission form to identify what section you are referring to and send it by email to FITsubmissions@powerauthority.on.ca by April 27, 2012. The final versions of the documents are expected to be available by May 7, 2012.

The overall policy direction contained in the FIT Program Review has already been accepted by the Minister of Energy. The OPA is now consulting with stakeholders on a few specifics, including how to develop a rule regarding the approximate maximum distance between a project site and its connection point. When details of the consultation have been finalized, they will be posted on the FIT website and stakeholders will be notified.

As reported in last week’s AMO Watch File, the Province has also moved on the other major aspect of renewable energy project development: the approvals process amendments as suggested as part of the FIT Review. These amendments are included in the Ministry of the Environment’s postings: (1) Proposed amendments to O. Reg 359/09, Reg 334, and the technical Guide to Renewable Energy Approvals and (2) the Environmental Activity and Sector Registry (EASR) proposal for eligible small-scale solar and bio-energy projects, which are open for public comment until May 17, 2012.

AMO believes that some of the announced changes are steps in the right direction. AMO’s submission to the review is available under Links.

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