Government Announces Applications for $100 million 2013 Small, Rural and Northern Municipal Infrastructure Fund.

Today the Honourable Kathleen Wynne, Premier of Ontario, announced the intake of applications for infrastructure projects from small, rural and northern municipalities. Municipalities with 100,000 or fewer residents; 25 per cent or greater rural residents; or located in Northern Ontario are eligible to apply.

The announcement comes at the end of summer consultations led by the Ministries of Infrastructure and Rural Affairs which sought advice on the design/allocation for the 2013 $100 million funding program and advice on options for a permanent fund to be considered in next year’s Budget.

Details of the 2013 Program:

The $100 million fund for 2013 will be allocated as follows:

  • $25 million for 21projects which passed the pre-screening process for the Municipal Infrastructure Investment Initiative in 2012 but were not funded because the program was fully allocated; 
  • $71 million for applications for new projects, including applications re-submitted from the 2012 MIII; and
  • $4 million for municipalities under 5,000 population to complete asset management plans (AMO understands this funding can also be used to develop applications to the competitive fund).
The deadline for submitting an expression of interest for the competitive fund is November 1, 2013. 
Similar to the feedback given by many municipalities during the summer consultations, the AMO Board advised the government to use a formula based methodology which would have provided funding to all of the eligible local governments – providing jobs and helping maintain the lifecycle of some of the infrastructure assets across most of Ontario. It would have allowed immediate funding to be applied to such local priorities as upgrading culverts to prevent future road closures due to washouts such as those that occurred in rural and northern Ontario this year. Today’s announcement of a competitive program for 2013 does not reflect this advice. However, AMO will work with the government to pursue a predictable allocation formula approach for a permanent program.
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