Today Russ Powers, AMO President and municipal representatives from Regional Public Works Commissioners of Ontario (RPWCO) and Municipal Waste Association (MWA) attended the start of the 2nd Reading Debate on Bill 91, the Waste Reduction Act (WRA) at Queens Park.

This also allowed us the opportunity to discuss the municipal interest in the Bill with several MPPs from all three parties.

In our view, the proposed legislation is a significant step forward to address the collective concerns about waste diversion in Ontario.  Everyone involved has said that the status quo is not working.  A critical change from the current waste diversion legislation is that Bill 91 clearly recognizes municipalities’ important role and responsibilities in waste diversion.

AMO supports holding individual producers responsible for the end-of-life management of their products and packages.  It is our expectation that the proposed legislation would provide relief to property taxpayers by providing more industry funding for waste diversion costs which are currently municipally borne.

We are urging all Members of the Provincial Legislature to debate Bill 91 and allow it to go to Standing Committee soon for further consideration and refinement for the benefit of all Ontarians.  As Bill 91 moves through the House we will continue to provide members with updates.

For further information, here are the AMO President’s letters to all Members of the Provincial Legislature and to Minister Bradley on our initial comments on Bill 91.

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