The Ontario government has announced it will be consulting with municipal governments on its proposed new billing model for OPP services.

The government also said that the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) will be deferring negotiations on contract renewals and any costing requests.

Municipal governments are looking for a billing model that is based on fairness and transparency.  Municipalities will want to understand how “a simpler billing model will provide municipal governments with more control over policing costs” – a quote from the province’s media release.

AMO expects that information on the specifics of the proposed new OPP billing model and the upcoming consultation process on the proposed billing model’s implementation strategy will be available to municipalities soon.  Each of the 324 municipalities serviced by the OPP will receive information from the OPP and will have the opportunity to provide feedback. AMO will assist you with some sector based analysis and matters to consider as you look at your own local circumstances. The current costs for OPP services range widely from under $100 to well over $600 per household across municipalities. Any change affecting those at the high end and those at the low end will need some sort of phase-in transition and will require mitigation funding.

What is missing from the billing model discussion is the priority to reduce the overall costs of police services – both OPP and municipal own forces services, which is the underlying problem. All municipalities are in agreement on this given the rate of growth in costs. AMO is extremely concerned with the slow progress of the Future of Policing Advisory Committee (FPAC). The Committee was struck one and a half years ago with the goal of building a more effective, efficient and sustainable police service in Ontario. AMO is calling on the Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services to release an interim report on the Committee’s work.  Municipal governments and others need to see the recommendations that could make Ontario’s policing model more geared to and more sustainable to the 21st century. 

AMO is also awaiting more information on the Ministry of Labour’s process for discussing interest arbitration with fire and police associations that the Minister referenced at the AMO Conference.  

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