On March 20, 2013, the government introduced legislation to improve the ability of municipalities to collect unpaid Provincial Offences Act fines.

Highway Traffic Statute Law Amendment Act, 2013 is a significant step to addressing a long standing municipal concern and will improve the administration of justice in Ontario.

If passed, the legislation will deny licence plates to drivers who have unpaid fines for offences such as speeding, improper lane changes, illegal turns, driving without insurance, and careless driving.  AMO is pleased all three provincial political parties have voiced their support for these changes.

AMO’s advocacy on this issue spans more than seven years and was a key ask during the 2011 provincial election.  In his 2012 report, Don Drummond recommended enhancements to POA fine collection which were included in the 2012 provincial budget.  AMO will continue to work with the Ministry of Transportation and the Ministry of the Attorney General to complete other implementation changes in the provincial-municipal action plan to improve POA fine collection.

The government will provide final estimates on the total of outstanding fines payable to municipalities.  The accuracy of these estimates is dependent on a variety of factors including the speedy implementation of the administrative changes necessary within the provincial government to support this legislation.  At present these changes may take two years to complete.  AMO urges that they be made as quickly as possible so that municipal governments will be in a position to collect these unpaid fines.  AMO will continue to update members as further information is available.


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