As the Government of Canada prepares its 2013 Budget, AMO has sent a letter to Finance Minister Jim Flaherty urging him to make municipal infrastructure a priority for the benefit of local, regional and national economies.

The letter was copied to the Premier, the Provincial Minister of Infrastructure and Minister of Transportation and Provincial Opposition leaders and critics. 

AMO is encouraging members to raise the importance of investments in municipal infrastructure with their federal and provincial representatives in any meetings, delegations or other discussions.

Municipal infrastructure provides the foundation for residents and businesses to participate in the global economy and investments in infrastructure contribute to business and labour productivity. These investments are essential to building the local economies that contribute to Canadian prosperity.

In speaking with your MPPs or MPs, members may find the following key messages helpful:

  • We appreciate your government’s previous investments in municipal infrastructure and urge the government to make funding for municipal infrastructure a key part of the budget in 2013.
  • Investments in municipal infrastructure are investments in the foundations of productivity, quality of life and a modern economy.
  • All orders of government have an interest in municipal infrastructure investments and we must work in partnership to ensure these investments best meet the needs of our citizens and residents.
  • Municipalities in Ontario have a significant gap in infrastructure investment and we cannot make it up alone.
  • Ontario municipalities have been working hard to keep up our assets, but many are nearing the end of their useful lives and will need rehabilitation or replacement.
  • Municipal asset management planning will make the best use of financial resources, however, some municipalities will need help to complete the asset management plan process.

AMO will continue to ask and advocate for:

  • A long term, ideally at least ten-year, municipal infrastructure program.‚Äč
  • Funding allocations by province based on population and economic importance.
  • Dedicated portion of the funds to be directly for municipal infrastructure reflecting the fact that municipal governments are owners of the greatest portion of public infrastructure.
  • Eligibility of all local priorities determined by municipal councils through long-term municipal asset management planning.
  • Federal gas tax permanency – that this be indexed and its focus broadened to include the economy to create jobs and growth.
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