Today the Ontario government announced its plans to create a fund of $100 million for 2013 - 2014, to assist small, rural and northern municipal governments build roads, bridges and other critical infrastructure.

This was one of AMO’s major pre-budget asks in our 2013 Pre-Budget Submission: The Next Chapter. The new fund will be available by October 1, 2013.  The government stated this will be the first step of a comprehensive transportation plan for rural and northern Ontario.  The Province will consult on the components of a permanent program for small, rural and northern municipalities.

Municipal governments own more than 65% of Ontario’s infrastructure, much of it in need of investment to maintain a state of good repair.  The infrastructure funding deficit has been estimated to be at least $60 billion.  Approximately half of this deficit is related to roads and bridges.  The Provincial-Municipal Roads and Bridges Review Report of 2012 raised the need for a new, predictable and permanent fund to help municipalities fund road and bridge infrastructure.  AMO is encouraged by this investment.

Further details are expected in the May 2nd Provincial Budget. AMO will provide members with a summary of the budget highlights next week.

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