OPP Billing Reform Survey – Urgent matter, July 10th deadline.

AMO’s policing update of June 14th indicated the OPP survey on cost recovery would be distributed shortly. The survey has now been distributed to all municipal CAOs or clerks via email. All municipalities are encouraged to reply. This includes municipalities with an OPP contract or without an OPP contract.  It has also been sent to municipalities with their own police force because some may be considering using the OPP in the future.

The cost of policing is a top priority for all communities. This is your municipality’s opportunity to relay concerns regarding cost and billing directly to the OPP and the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services.  If OPP billing reform is implemented in 2014, it would have very significant implications for upcoming municipal budgets. Any billing changes (either positive or negative), would be in addition to the impact of the OPP’s 2014 salary award increase of 8.55%. Previous salary changes were: 2011, 5%; 2012, 0%; and 2013, 0%.

The OPP is requesting that surveys be completed by July 10, 2013.
Questions regarding the survey may be directed to Janet Peroni at 705-329-6389 or at janet.peroni@ontario.ca. Should you experience any technical difficulties with the survey please contact Molly Acton Rinaldo at 705-329-7579 or at molly.acton@ontario.ca.
Future of Policing Advisory Committee Update
The Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services has asked the respective “stakeholders” with representation on this Advisory Committee to distribute the following update:
Future of Policing Advisory Committee
June 2013
Following the establishment of the Future of Policing Advisory Committee (FPAC) last year, the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services (MCSCS) has worked with our policing partners to plan for effective, efficient and sustainable police service delivery in Ontario in the future. 
Through FPAC and its four working groups, MCSCS has sought the experience and expertise of senior policing and municipal leaders in reviewing the issues and helping develop a clear plan forward.  
FPAC and the working groups have provided thoughtful and valuable advice to address several emerging themes. Those themes include:
  • Forward-thinking policy direction provided by the Province that includes clear goals, objectives and priorities for policing, inclusive of performance measures;
  • A new Community Safety model that provides for multi-disciplinary approaches and partnerships to resolve complex social problems;
  • Strengthened local governance and oversight;
  • Sharing of services, infrastructure and resources to realize economies of scale and maximizes service delivery; and
  • Identifying alternative resources for service delivery while ensuring proper training and oversight. 
With this phase of the work well advanced, MCSCS is taking key themes identified to other ministries and affected stakeholders for broader consultation. That consultation will occur over the next year and will inform further action and next steps.
MCSCS is also developing proposals for legislative, regulatory and policy change in the area of police service delivery to address the themes noted above and any further matters identified through broader consultation. MCSCS will seek the input of FPAC in finalizing these proposals through ongoing review and discussion at the FPAC table throughout this year and next, with an expected completion timeframe of spring 2015.
MCSCS is committed to developing a new strategic vision for community safety, including police service delivery that will support fiscally prudent, transparent, sustainable and accountable standards of service for the people of Ontario now and into the future.
The work of FPAC to date has been most valuable and necessary. MCSCS is committed to continuing this collaboration going forward.
AMO’s comments on the update:
AMO will continue to keep municipalities up-to-date regarding policing issues and we continue to message that more immediate actions to bring about cost-savings should be pursued by the Province.
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