Dear Colleagues:

We are now well into the provincial election and I would like to draw your attention to AMO’s 2014 Provincial Election area on our web site. The Provincial Election area is a one-stop resource housing:

  • AMO’s summary of how the party platforms relate to our key municipal priorities. It captures what we know and identifies matters for which we are seeking more information. It will be updated as new or additional information is released by the parties. This document has linkages to Backgrounders on the priorities which you may find useful, too.
  • AMO’s letters to the Provincial leaders were sent this week. Their responses will be posted when received.
  • AMO’s Municipal Priorities – Copies of the Good Ideas/Bad Ideas Flyer and note card were mailed to each councillor this week through your municipal clerk.
To ensure that you will have access to timely information, watch for our Provincial Election Updates which will alert you to new information as we come across it.

As in previous provincial elections, we hope that you can use the Municipal Priorities material for discussions with your local candidates or at an all-candidate meeting, particularly one on municipal government matters. Please share with us anything that may come from local debates that we have not captured.

We hope you find these resources helpful. Please let us know if you need any assistance or clarification. If so, please contact Pat Vanini, Executive Director or Monika Turner, Director of Policy at 416-971-9856 or 1-877-426-6527.
Yours truly,

R. F. (Russ) Powers
AMO President