AMO’s Provincial Election Web Site Update:
With today’s launch of the NDP Platform, AMO’s Election Platform Summary now includes information from the platforms of each of the major provincial political parties.

AMO’s summary is organized along our municipal priorities and captures what we know about the platforms’ treatment of municipal government as well as matters on which we are seeking additional information.  You can access AMO’s letters to the NDP, Liberal, and PC leaders seeking additional information on our priorities.  Responses will be posted as they are received.
Members are also able to access AMO’s Good Ideas/Bad Ideas Municipal Priorities document.  Hard copies of this were sent to members by post last week.  We hope that members will use the information in discussions with candidates or at any all candidates meetings.
AMO will continue to keep members informed through our web site, Twitter, and additional Election Updates on any major announcements or issues affecting municipalities raised in the campaign.
Please check our web site often for updates.