As reported previously, the November 25th arbitration decision determined the 2014 Blue Box Steward Obligation to be $115,172,322.

The interim 2014 Steward Obligation payments were calculated at $99.5 million.  This results in an additional $15.6 million to be paid to municipal and First Nation blue box programs in the December 2014 and March 2105 payments with the balance for these last two payments being $ 66,172,322.

Contact WDO for a  detailed summary of the remaining 2014 payments.

Last week, the Waste Diversion Board (WDO) Board approved the total amounts for payments three and four, based on the arbitrator’s decision. This will result in total cash payouts to municipalities of $30,862,935 in December 2014 and $31,020,213  in March 2015.  The December payment includes a recovery of $157,279 for arbitration costs incurred by AMO between September 12 and November 30, 2014.  The final in-kind allocation for the 2014 program year is expected to be $7,396,320 and will be reflected in the adjustments for the March 2015 payment.

The complete WDO notice on the final 2014 Blue Box payments are posted on this page.

It is expected that MIPC discussions on the 2015 Steward Obligation will occur in the new year and more information will be shared once it is available.  We expect the Arbitrator’s decision to be quite helpful in this determination.

2015 will also be the year that new waste reduction legislation with full producer responsibility will be introduced.  It is anticipated that as input to the legislation, producer-municipal sector discussions on a new Blue Box framework will occur.  AMO, with the City of Toronto, and with staff support from the Regional Public Works Commissioners of Ontario and the Municipal Waste Association, are working on a sector approach for these upcoming discussions.