Municipal election information:

1.  Firefighters’ questions to Municipal Candidates
Local firefighters’ associations are asking municipal candidates a range of questions including support for additional presumptive coverage. To date, there is coverage of eight presumptive cancers and a May 2014 provincial regulation will phase in six more over the next of three years. For further information, please see Emergency Services/Firefighter Surveys of Candidates for Municipal Elected Office.

2.  Accountability Act (Bill 8)
Accountability and transparency are supportable principles. This Bill must be clear and without subjective interpretation. There are changes that can improve it. Bill 8 will begin Second Reading debate at some point when the Queen’s Park Legislature returns this fall. AMO and all interested parties will be able to provide advice to the government and Standing Committee considering the bill. AMO will provide further information to members when available.

3.  Double Hatters
Double hatters are full-time, professional firefighters who use their training and experience on an on-call basis in smaller communities where many of them live. This practice of double hatting is forbidden by the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF). At issue is whether firefighters should be able to use their free time as they wish to without reprisal or interference. Public opinion strongly says they should have this freedom.

4.  Environmental Commissioner’s 2013/14 Annual Report  

On October 7th, Ontario’s Environmental Commissioner (ECO), Gord Miller, released his annual report to the public. The ECO report had several areas of direct interest to municipal governments including the operation of the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) and full cost recovery for municipal drinking water systems. For more information, please see the Environmental Commissioner's Annual Report 2013/14. 
5.  AMO Municipal Election Results Website 
AMO’s 2014 Municipal Election – Ontario Votes webpage will give the public and media access to election results provided to us by returning officers. Be sure to bookmark the AMO site AMO Municipal Election Results. 


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