The AMO OPP Billing Steering Committee has recommended that a new AMO Task Force be formed to do its own work on the modernization of policing.  The AMO Board, at its March 2014 meeting, accepted this advice unanimously and directed that this task force be set up immediately.  This new task force will be particularly helpful in providing strategic advice to the AMO representative on the Province’s Future of Policing Advisory Committee (FPAC).  

This task force is to include municipal government and police service board representation from those with own forces and OPP policing.  Terms of Reference and composition of the Task Force will evolve over the coming weeks.  

The OPP Billing Steering Committee firmly believes that long term cost control must be a top priority.  Why? Policing per capita spending in Ontario is the highest of any other provincial jurisdiction. In fact, the Ontario municipal police bill alone is larger than the total policing costs in other provinces.  The report reinforces advice previously provided to the Province, such as the need for coordinated bargaining and interest arbitration changes.  But there are other matters that drive costs and there is a need to look at ways to deliver non-core policing activities differently.  

Later today the AMO OPP Billing Steering Committee’s final report will be provided to the Minister of Community Safety and Corrections Services as well as to all 324 OPP serviced communities.  This fulfills the Steering Committee’s commitment to provide its report and advice to the government by early April.  It will be posted on the AMO website along with other related policing information.


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