AMO members may have questions about the status and implementation of the New Building Canada Fund (NBCF) that was launched by the federal government on March 28, 2014.

While the federal government launched the program on March 28th, it has not attained agreements with any of the provinces or territories for the Provincial/Territorial Infrastructure Component (PTIC), which includes funds for the Small Communities Fund (SCF).  The agreements with Infrastructure Canada are to set out the approval and payment processes and rules and will need to include matching funding commitments.  

In Ontario, AMO understands that this work was started between officials at Infrastructure Canada and the Ministry of Infrastructure; however, the provincial election has delayed concluding a Canada-Ontario arrangement.  Municipal governments need to understand the steps to apply and the parameters for an application for the PTIC and Small Communities Fund.  AMO will want to see this as a clear priority for post provincial election.

At present, the only federal funds that can receive applications is i) the National Infrastructure Component for national or regionally significant projects and ii) the Public-Private Partnership Fund applications as these are directed and decided solely by the federal government.  Below is a reminder of the New Building Canada Plan as it relates to Ontario.

AMO, as administrator of the Canada Gas Tax Fund (GTF), is working with municipalities to finalize their GTF agreements with AMO so that these funds can flow in July.  Many municipalities have adopted the necessary by-law and have executed the agreement.  Please ensure that you have given it priority as it will be only one of a few sources of immediate infrastructure funding.

Overview of the New Building Canada Plan in Ontario over the next ten years:

  • $3.9 billion for municipalities under the federal Gas Tax Fund.
  • $2.7 billion for the New Building Canada Fund Provincial and Territorial Infrastructure Component (PTIC) which is available to other groups besides municipal governments however $270 million is specifically dedicated as  the Small Communities Fund (SCF) for municipal governments with fewer than 100,000 population.
  • National Infrastructure Component (NIF) of $4 billion (no allocation by province or territory) for national or regionally significant projects; however, all projects over $100 million must be put through the federal P3 screen and, if indicated as a P3 project, federal funding is contingent on proceeding as a P3.
The NBCF web site provides a FAQ and some other background information.  AMO will inform members of any new information relevant to these funding components and when applications to the PTIC and SCF are open.
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