A week ago, AMO’s Board of Directors directed the establishment of an OPP Billing Steering Committee.

Its purpose is to look at the proposed OPP billing model, including objectives and outcomes that could be acceptable to the different interests of the municipal sector.  It will also look at elements of the underlying matters that contribute to high policing costs and how these too might be improved.  It will be up to the provincial government to accept or reject those recommendations.
In response to the communique sent last Friday about the Steering Committee’s formation, AMO received many expressions of interest to volunteer for this Committee.  The volume of volunteers who put their names forward displayed an overwhelming breadth and depth of concern for this issue.  We are grateful and express appreciation to all who recently stepped forward.  In addition, the Board wanted to invite a representative from the three sub-municipal groups (Mayors’ Coalition, OPP Discussion Group and the Under 5,000 Group).
The Board directed that representatives come from all corners of the province with careful consideration to the diversity of interest, circumstance, region, knowledge and experience of each individual.  All municipalities should be able to see themselves represented in the women and men who will be participating in these critical discussions. 
Based on the Board’s direction, the President has confirmed the following elected officials as members of the AMO OPP Billing Steering Committee:

AMO OPP Billing Steering Committee
Politis, Peter Mayor Cochrane (Chair, Mayors’ Coalition)
Vrebosch, Bill Mayor East Ferris (Chair Under 5,000 Group)
TBC TBC TBC (OPP Discussion Group)
McNamara, Gary Mayor Tecumseh (Future of Policing Advisory Committee)
White, Chris Warden County of Wellington
Canfield, Dave Mayor Kenora
Spacek, Al Mayor Kapuskasing (FONOM)
Ron Nelson Mayor O'Connor Township
Barfoot, Alan Mayor Georgian Bluffs
Conn, David Mayor Seguin Township
Marr, David Warden Elgin County
Mertens, Peter Mayor Prince Edward County
Reid, Barb Reeve Minden Hills
Reycraft, Doug Mayor Southwest Middlesex
Thompson, Linda Mayor Port Hope
The first meeting of the Committee has been set for February 14, 2014 at AMO offices in Toronto.  At the first meeting, the Committee will establish its work plan, how it will operate, what it will do and how it will communicate more broadly.  Last week’s communique to you generated some municipal feedback and ideas.  We want to provide all municipalities the opportunity to submit ideas, including those they offered during the OPP’s fall consultation or subsequent ideas.  We have set up oppbillingsc@amo.on.ca as a dedicated email for this Steering Committee. 
The Board wishes the Steering Committee to move expeditiously on these matters and I hope that the Committee will be in a position to present public recommendations by end of March/early April.  You should expect the next communique shortly after the Steering Committee’s initial meeting. 

Yours truly,
R.F. (Russ) Powers
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