To the Immediate Attention of OPP Policed Communities

OPP Policed Communities 

Dear Colleagues:

AMO’s OPP Billing Steering Committee held a productive first meeting on Friday, February 14th.  That we could pull together so many representative municipal leaders from right across the province – on such short notice – speaks to the importance of this issue for all of us. 

The Committee’s goal is to bring the municipal sector together as one voice – north, south, rural and small urban – to offer the Province advice on OPP billing that would balance different municipal interests. At the meeting, the Committee shared their diverse perspectives and experiences with OPP billing, brainstormed ideas and identified further data and analysis that will be needed for their work.

The Committee also developed the basic principles for their work and a plan for moving forward, given the tight time frames. At least three more meetings will be held before they report to the AMO Board in late March. The expectation is to present its recommendations to the provincial government by end of March/early April. The Steering Committee is committed to keeping you informed of its work and progress.

The short-term focus is on the immediate need to address the OPP billing model. However, there was broad agreement that the root issue of spiraling policing costs needs to be addressed in order to provide sustainable policing in the long-term for all policing, including OPP.

As AMO President and Chair of the OPP Billing Steering Committee, I want to thank everyone who travelled from far and wide to be there in person. Given the fruitful discussions on Friday, I am confident that the Committee will work together to develop balanced recommendations on behalf of all OPP serviced communities. I should also add that since my last communication to you, David Reid, Mayor of Arnprior has joined the Committee on behalf of the OPP Discussion Group.

We want to provide all municipalities the opportunity to submit ideas, including those they offered during the OPP’s fall consultation or ideas subsequent to that meeting. We have set up oppbillingsc@amo.on.ca as a dedicated e-mail if you wish to submit ideas and contact the Steering Committee.

Together.  One voice.

Yours truly,

R.F. (Russ) Powers

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