To the Immediate Attention of OPP Policed Communities

Dear Colleagues:

AMO’s OPP Billing Steering Committee held its fourth meeting today. The Committee reviewed the overall impacts of the OPP’s proposed billing model and a range of alternative approaches. It also evaluated the various billing options against the principles they established as a committee.

As well, there was productive discussion about how to make a transition to a new billing model that meets the needs of different municipalities. The Committee discussed the role of mitigation funding as part of a transition process.

There was also further discussion about the importance of controlling growth in policing costs across Ontario. A new billing model does not address the ever-increasing costs of policing.

The Committee is preparing its draft report and is confident that it will be able to conclude its work and provide its advice to the government by early April.

Together. One voice.

Yours truly,

R.F. (Russ) Powers


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