Earlier today Premier Wynne visited the Lieutenant Governor seeking the dissolution of the Provincial Parliament and the writ to be drawn up for an election June 12, 2014.

This will mean that some promising legislation for municipalities has died on the order paper.  This includes Bill 34, which would have given municipalities greater tools to collect unpaid Provincial Offences Act fines and improve the administration of justice.  Also lost is Bill 91 which would have established a new waste reduction regime in the province.  The last session of Parliament included several unsuccessful attempts to reform interest arbitration and deal with a core municipal issue – unsustainable increases to police and fire wages.  Also of significance was a resolution supported by all parties on the need to reform joint and several liability.  These will remain municipal priorities into the future.

AMO will be looking to all three parties to address pressing issues for municipalities and property taxpayers, and issues that relate to fiscal sustainability in the coming election.  This includes interest arbitration, affordable emergency services, liability reform, and a new waste reduction regime among others.  AMO’s Board has approved an election strategy which moves Ontario’s municipalities forward.  This strategy will be rolled out in the days ahead.

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