AMO has outlined the need for the Province to renew its strategy in a manner that will both sustain the existing housing system and expand it further to meet the needs of Ontarians.

The renewal of the provincial strategy provides an opportunity to create a more robust effort to provide safe, secure, suitable, and adequate affordable housing options ranging from social housing to rental to home ownership. This is vital as affordable housing contributes to the economic, social, and health well-being of Ontario’s communities and the Province as a whole.

This Members’ Update is being circulated to all of AMO’s member municipalities and District Social Service Administration Boards (DSSABs). AMO’s submission contains recommendations relevant to all upper and single tier municipalities as well as DSSABs that fund, administer, and deliver housing programs. There are also recommendations that concern lower tier municipal governments such as proposed changes to the Planning Act.

For your information, please find AMO’s submission to the recent provincial consultations on the Long-Term Affordable Housing Strategy (the “strategy”).

Please distribute within your organization to Councils, DSSAB Boards, and the relevant staff involved in housing policy, planning, and administration.

AMO is continuing to work with the provincial government to review the recommendations contained in the submission. While the consultation period has now closed, AMO’s member municipalities and DSSABs are encouraged to write to the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing to support of AMO’s policy recommendations regarding housing.

Correspondence can be sent to the provincial government via email to: housingstrategy.mah@ontario.ca.

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