The Ministry of Economic Development, Employment and Infrastructure announced today that it would begin accepting Expressions of Interest from eligible municipal governments for the 2015 Ontario Community Infrastructure Fund (OCIF). OCIF Expressions of Interest are due by September 11, 2015.

OCIF provides $100 million annually to support small, rural and northern communities. $50 million of OCIF funding is formula-based and has been allocated previously for this year. The remaining $50 million is for application based projects. OCIF funding supports core road, bridge, water and wastewater infrastructure.

Ontario Cycling Funding

Municipal governments are also reminded that the $10 million Ontario Cycling Infrastructure Fund is accepting Expressions of Interest for projects, due on August 6, 2015 and the Cycling Training Fund is accepting applications until September 4, 2015. Municipalities are encouraged to submit.

For more information on either program, please see the Ontario Cycling Strategy website.

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