The Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO), the City of Toronto, the Regional Public Works Commissioners of Ontario (RPWCO), and the Municipal Waste Association (MWA) worked together on a Municipal Discussion Paper New Waste Reduction and Resource Recovery Framework Legislation  for Minister Glen Murray’s consideration as a new provincial legislative framework for waste reduction is being developed.  

The submitted paper outlines the municipal critical needs and interests the new framework needs to address including:

  • minimizing the environmental impacts of waste
  • preserving limited disposal capacity
  • ensuring fair compensation for municipalities for services provided as well as any assets and associated costs that are stranded as a new system is implemented.

2015 Municipal Blue Box Program Payments:
AMO and the City of Toronto have been working with Stewardship Ontario (SO) and Waste Diversion Ontario (WDO) at the MIPC table to determine the 2015 Steward Obligation for the 2015 municipal payments for the 2013 blue box program.  As you are aware, the 2014 Steward Obligation was decided by arbitration and municipalities were awarded 50% of reported net costs.  AMO/City of Toronto have requested that WDO should use the methodology the Arbitrator, Mr. Armstrong, based his decision on for the 2015 and all future Steward Obligations until new waste recovery legislation is implemented.  He ruled that the reported net costs as determined through the annual WDO Datacall and verification process pass the test of reasonableness and is sensible, thorough, and reliable.  

Not surprisingly, SO does not agree with following this recommended methodology for 2015 and has a different interpretation of Mr. Armstrong’s decision.  

AMO/City of Toronto and SO presented their respective positions separately to the WDO Board of Directors on April 16th.   We are now awaiting a decision by the WDO Board on how to proceed to determine the 2015 Steward Obligation.  Further, AMO/City of Toronto requested WDO consider interim 2015 payments for municipalities until the Steward Obligation is determined as the first quarterly installments are due to municipalities in June.  

We will continue to provide you with updates as this important issue moves forward.  

Municipal Council Resolutions on Producer Responsibility:
We understand that some municipal leaders have been approached by organizations asking Councils to support resolutions regarding full producer responsibility.  As noted above, the municipal sector has just sent a discussion paper to the Minister on this topic.  

If individual municipal governments want to put forward resolutions in support of full producer responsibility and the development of a new Provincial legislative framework for waste recovery, we have attached a sample resolution for your consideration:

Draft waste diversion motion:
“Whereas municipalities have no control over the form of municipal solid waste that is generated from packing and products that enter their jurisdiction;

Whereas municipal taxpayers bear more than 50% of the cost of waste disposal and recycling of packaging and printed paper in the waste stream, which products are increasingly complex, multi-material and expensive to recycle, reclaim or dispose of;

Whereas the Minister of the Environment and Climate Change has committed to replacing the current waste diversion legislation, but has not yet introduced replacement legislation to the legislature;

Whereas producer responsibility provides that producers be responsible for 100% of the costs of certain designated wastes for full cost of end-of-life management for such products and packaging;
Whereas municipalities should not have to bear the cost of managing the disposal of these materials;

Whereas waste is a valuable resource;

Whereas producer responsibility would provide considerable savings to ________________
residents and grow the local economy as producers innovate to reduce waste, develop more easily recyclable packaging and work with municipalities on better ways to collect and process it;

Whereas increased recycling and reclamation could add 13,000 good, high-quality jobs in Ontario and contribute more than $1.5 billion every year to Ontario’s economy;

Therefore be it resolved that the Municipality of ____________calls on the Ontario Government to introduce legislation to replace the Waste Diversion Act with a system based on full Producer Responsibility, ensuring that producers are responsible for 100% of the end-of-life costs of designated waste, and that producers need to work with the municipal sector on those Producer Responsibility programs that affect the municipal integrated waste management system so that municipalities are fairly compensated for services provided to manage designated waste that enters the municipal system.”

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