To help municipal leaders participate in consultations led by the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services, AMO has prepared the attached municipal guide on the future of policing.
A number of key issues are at stake. This includes options related to the potential for:

  • reducing the number of Police Services Boards in OPP-policed communities;
  • whether municipal representatives should continue to be eligible to sit on Police Services Boards;
  • a new municipal mandate to develop community safety plans; and
  • from AMO’s perspective, depending on the answers to the above, discussions on whether policing should still be considered a function and service of municipal government.
AMO has prepared key messages for all municipal leaders. We urge the attendance of municipal leaders at these sessions. Please also feel free to share the guide with others in your community.

Below are the future dates of the Ministry’s consultations. Representatives interested in attending a session in their area can RSVP by emailing MCSCSinput@ontario.ca. If you have any accessibility requirements, please notify the Ministry in your RSVP.
Police Services Act Consultations
Session Date Location
Thunder Bay March 2, 2016 North End Community Centre: 954 Huron Avenue
Timmins March 4, 2016 Ramada Inn: 1800 Riverside Drive
Bancroft March 9, 2016 Faraday Community Centre: 13 Lower Faraday Road
Windsor March 17, 2016 Windsor International Aquatic and Training Center: 401 Pitt Street West
Stratford March 18, 2016 Queen’s Inn: 161 Ontario Street
Toronto March 22, 2016 YMCA: 20 Grosvenor Street
Brampton March 23, 2016 Chris Gibson Community Centre: 125 McLaughlin Road North
Kenora March 29, 2016 Lakeside Inn and Conference Centre: 470 1st Avenue Street
Sudbury March 31, 2016 Steelworker’s Union Hall: 66 Brady Street
Cornwall April 1, 2016 Benson Center Community Rooms: 800 7th Street West

In addition, AMO would like to offer additional members’ briefings (via video/audio) on key elements of the guide and an opportunity for membership discussions. These discussions will be held on March 3, from 2:00pm to 3:00pm and March 8 from 11:00am to 12:00pm. To register for either of these sessions please provide your name, title, and municipality to Evelyn Armogan at earmogan@amo.on.ca 24 hours in advance of either session. Evelyn will provide you with the call in details by email.

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