September 8, 2016

The looming fiscal gap facing Ontario’s municipalities for the next ten years was a major theme of this year’s AMO conference.  You’ve shared your challenges and we’ve documented a $3.6 billion annual gap if we are to close the infrastructure gap and provide for future operating needs. How can the gap be narrowed?  This fall add your voice to the municipal conversation about possible solutions.

Between Labour Day and Thanksgiving Day, AMO will be hosting as many discussions with as many municipal elected officials as we possibly can.  Invitations are going randomly to at least one elected official in every member municipal government across the province to attend one of thirteen, small, face to face, regional meetings being held this fall.

We will also be hosting a series of webinars from September 26 to October 12 to enable as many other members the opportunity to participate directly in What’s Next Ontario?  We encourage all elected officials to participate.  Webinar signup details and additional background material regarding What’s Next Ontario can be found here.

Add your voice.  This is an opportunity for us to work together to determine the direction for our own fiscal future.

image of Lynn Dollin AMO President signature
Lynn Dollin
AMO President