August 23, 2016

Today, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Premier Kathleen Wynne announced $1.49 billion Phase 1 in federal Public Transit Infrastructure Fund (PTIF) support for municipal transit systems across the province.

The PTIF Phase 1 is allocated by a ridership share formula to municipal transit systems as provided for in the federal 2016 budget.  Ontario municipalities operate 61 conventional transit and 82 specialized transit systems. These municipal governments will need to put forward projects that meet eligibility criteria and they will be approved by the provincial and federal governments.  Ministry of Infrastructure will provide these municipalities with information on how to submit projects and program design information, such as eligible costs.  We also understand that in ‎addition to projects announced today, an intake of identified projects from the other transit communities will occur in a couple of weeks.

These transit funds can be used for maintenance projects and those that increase the state of good repair of transit systems. These investments are to renew and expand transit systems, upgrade transit vehicles, create new public transit express routes and enhance accessibility.  Projects are to be finished by the end of March 2018 with some limited exceptions.
This federal funding is in addition to the province’s future funding plan for municipal and Metrolinx transit systems, which alone includes $16 billion for public transit in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area. Together, with municipal funding, transit projects that would not otherwise have taken place will help create new economic activity.

As the Premier said at the AMO Conference, her government is close to concluding discussion with the federal government on how to flow $560 million in federal water, wastewater and stormwater funding (CWWF) to municipal governments. She said that funding would flow to municipalities through a transparent and fair formula allocation with additional provincial funding as required. Like Phase 1 PTIF, the CWWF is for capital projects that are related to rehabilitate and maintain these systems and can be completed by end of March 2018. AMO has been providing input to design and delivery and looks forward to how that advice is reflected.