On Friday February 12th, the Ontario Government announced a targeted investment of $92 million from the Green Investment Fund for social housing retrofits.

The funding is part of the provincial effort to address climate change and will help municipal governments and District Social Service Administration Boards (DSSAB) to green their social housing units while addressing capital repair backlogs. AMO welcomes this announcement as it will have multiple benefits such as helping a vulnerable population, reducing energy demand and greenhouse gases, and providing local jobs.

Of the funding, $82 million is dedicated to retrofits of high rise social housing towers of 150 units or more across the province. $10 million is earmarked to improve electrical efficiency in approximately 1300 social housing homes which are often located in smaller and rural communities. The Expressions of Interest deadline for municipal Service Managers and DSSABS to submit business cases under each program is Friday, March 11, 2016 at 5:00 p.m.

Municipal governments are important partners in Ontario’s climate change agenda. Municipalities have long taken action to reduce energy demand, green their communities, provide transit and other transportation options to residents. AMO has called on the Province to enter a long-term partnership with municipal governments to invest in our communities to lower greenhouse gases and help communities adapt to a changing climate.

Further details are found in the Ontario government news release Ontario Investing $92 Million to Create Jobs and Retrofit Social Housing.

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