Today, the Minister of Labour, the Honourable Kevin Flynn, announced the government’s prevention-focused strategy to address Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) for police, firefighters and paramedics.
As employers, municipal governments, value the challenging work of their first responder employees. Their health, safety and well-being are important.

The government’s preventative approach to PTSD reflects advice that AMO and municipal employers provided at the 2015 Minister’s Summit on Work-Related Traumatic Mental Stress and after the Summit. Best practices, resources for municipal employers and further scientific research are much needed to help prevent and reduce PTSD in the workplace.  Helping workers return to work is also part of the need.

AMO will have an opportunity shortly to seek additional information from the Minister on how the government’s intent will be actioned.  We are particularly interested in the reference to potential provincial legislation and what this may or may not mean for Private Members’ Bill  2 on this matter sponsored by Ms. Cheri DiNovo,  MPP Parkdale-High Park.  The Ontario Legislature resumes on Tuesday, February 16th.

AMO will be representing membership’s interests on this matter at it moves forward and we will update members as new information becomes available.


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