July 7, 2014

AMO has responded to the provincial proposal to regulate municipal asset management plans. Currently the deadline for comment is July 24, 2017. Municipal governments may need additional time to respond to the regulation as many councils meet less frequently in the summer months. AMO has made this request, but municipal governments are encouraged to do so individually as well.

AMO continues to be concerned about the impact on municipal governments of a new regulatory regime for municipal asset management planning.

Specifically, we are worried:
  • that municipalities will have to re-start their plans almost from scratch to comply;
  • municipal governments and staff do not have capacity to comply affordably;
  • the cost of compliance and reporting will be a new burden;
  • the timelines in the regulation are aggressive; and
  • the regulation expands asset management planning beyond core competence.
In essence, the proposal is ambitious and costly. Although it may improve local decision-making if municipalities can comply.

However, it takes time to build a new culture in any organization, much less 444 municipalities of vastly different sizes and staff complements: to implement this proposal successfully, municipal governments across the province will need dedicated funding to do asset management planning.