October 31, 2017

Members’ voices are needed in requesting AMO’s priority Bill 148 amendments and letting your local MPPs know what the estimated fiscal impacts could be for your municipality.

Today, AMO President Dollin presented to the Standing Committee considering Bill 148, Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act, 2017 to ask for changes so that municipal governments can provide effective and affordable public safety responses.

AMO, on behalf of its members, is looking for key amendments so that municipal governments can deliver their statutory obligations.
  • An exemption for municipal and local board employees who are required to be on call to provide statutory public safety services. This needs to include supervisory and managerial staff as well.  
  • An exemption for volunteer firefighters for matching pay to full-time firefighters.
  • Specific reference that Bill 148 requirements do not override other statutory obligations that municipal governments are required to provide public safety.
AMO has met with the Minister of Labour, the Honourable Kevin Flynn, many times as well as other MPPs on the need for these critical Bill 148 amendments.  We continue to be told that municipal governments were not the intended of this bill.

Municipal governments have been calculating the costs of the Bill 148’s requirements.  For some small and large urban municipalities, the potential costs are upwards of $1 to $2 million each per year.  Even if we get these key amendments, there will still be fiscal impacts on each municipality.

The Standing Committee is accepting Bill 148 submissions until Friday, November 3rd.  Link here to Committee Proceedings, Committee Hearings and Notices - Bill 148.

This week is an extremely busy week for AMO at Queen’s Park.  Stay tuned for more AMO updates as expected items of municipal interest are announced.  Our website, will be updated regularly.