November 3, 2017

A new report, Income Security: A Roadmap for Change, outlines specific advice to government to help guide decision-making on a multi-year path for reforming the income security system. ‎This could affect the benefits delivered through municipally delivered programs such as social assistance, childcare, social housing.  

The report, prepared by multi-stakeholder Income Security Reform Working Groups including First Nations, charts a proposed path forward sequencing reforms over a ten-year period. Some proposed measures include:
  • adopting a Minimum Income Standard
  • introducing an Ontario Housing Benefit
  • moving income support for children outside social assistance
  • making health benefits available to low-income people
  • transforming social assistance
  • providing an assured income approach to people with disabilities
  • ‎assuring self-governance and respect for First Nations jurisdiction with control of social services by First Nations
  • providing adequate funding for First Nations.
Municipal government have a significant interest in the outcome of this initiative given the role played by municipalities and District Social Service Administration Boards delivering human services to residents through provincial-municipal cost-shared programs.

The government is consulting on the Roadmap for 60 days up until January 2, 2018. To view the report to make a submission, visit the income security website.‎ AMO will conduct further analysis and the Board will consider the municipal impacts of the report’s recommendations.