June 21, 2017

The Ontario government has reached a bi-lateral agreement with the federal government on a Canada-Ontario Early Learning and Child Care Agreement. This will result in more funding for a municipally managed child care and early years system that is responsive, high quality, accessible and integrated.

An investment of $435 million is available under the agreement over a three year period. These funds will be targeted to assist increasing access, affordability and inclusivity to licensed high quality child care and early learning programs. Funding will be flowed primarily to municipal governments and District Social Service Administration Boards (DSSABs) who have service system management responsibility for child care and early learning programs. This includes $100 million to support regulated child care and $40 million for the expansion of Ontario Early years Child and Family Centers. The remaining $10 million will support access to high quality training and professional development opportunities for the early years and child care workforce.

This is good news for Ontario’s children and families.  It will help the municipal sector to better meet demand for child care and early learning programming. Of particular note, the agreement is providing funds that is enabling the Provincial government to allocate new funding to support the Ontario Early Years Child and Family Centers.  These centers will become a municipal responsibility in January 2018, 100% funded by the Province.

AMO looks forward to working with the Ministry of Education to identify municipal priorities for future phases beyond this initial three year agreement. It is important that the federal government sustain its engagement to support child care and early learning over the long-term.  

More information on the agreement reached is found in the Ontario News Release.