February 8, 2017

Municipal governments have been awaiting resources to help put in place climate action projects in their communities. A number of resources are being developed to help local governments. These include:
  • Ontario Climate Action Plan funding that sets out how the province will allocate the up to $1.9 billion annually from cap and trade revenues – funding is set out for cycling, methane gas capture from agriculture and solid waste, social housing and building retrofits, a municipal climate change challenge fund, amongst others – details on how to access programs are being developed by MOECC
  • Programs from LAS to help municipalities assess the suitability of fleets by replacing vehicles with electric or hybrid electric vehicles, reduce energy consumption with LED streetlights, and develop an energy planning tool to comply with O.Reg 397/11.
  • Municipalities continue to use federal Gas Tax to fund projects that achieve a cleaner environment, one of the three national objectives under the program.
  • New funding from the federal government through FCM’s new           Municipalities for Climate Innovation program and a commitment to develop a new provincial policy on climate adaptation in 2017.
AMO also anticipates that federal Phase 2 Infrastructure funding will include support for climate action through the $21.9 billion Canada Green Infrastructure Fund. Details are expected in Budget 2017 and AMO will report to members on developments as they are announced.