May 25, 2018

Municipal Colleague:

With the June 7th Ontario election less than two weeks away, AMO has prepared a                Municipal Guide to provide members with an analysis of what the election promises mean or do not mean for our top municipal interests.  So far, we have not seen a plan that relates directly to municipal government.

I have written all four provincial leaders, sharing the Guide and inviting them to complete it where there are gaps and to enhance or clarify their parties’ commitments to municipal governments. AMO will update the Guide in real time as further party platform information is released or as we receive it from the campaigns. Stay current by checking AMO’s provincial election site regularly. You will also find other election materials – quick reference cards, several videos and a one-pager on the local government issues that matter province wide.

Take what you need for your website and social media use and most definitely follow us on social media.

There are so many provincial rules that affect us. This election is also about the future of municipal government. AMO appreciates your interest and support in amplifying the municipal voice.

Lynn Dollin
AMO President