November 21, 2018

The purpose of this document is to provide more information that will help staff prepare reports to their new councils on cannabis retail stores and the impending January 22 deadline to determine if stores will or will not be permitted in the municipality. We recognize that municipal staff are working to inform their councils on its decision-making and the factors important to it.

The attached document provides information on:
  1. Yesterday’s funding (OCLIF) information from Ministry of Finance.
  2. The provincial regulatory framework and what it means (e.g., opting out; school buffers)
  3. AGCO licensing regime. It includes a 15 day commenting period where a municipality agrees to retail stores, and a template on municipal interests (municipal cannabis policy statement) that can provide municipal staff with direction on responding to AGCO on specific store locations.
AMO’s municipal working group, a cross section of senior administrators and planners, helped develop the template and we thank its members for their assistance.

Please note:
  • If the municipal council doesn’t opt-out by January 22 in the manner required under O.Reg. 468/18 s.22, you are opted-in by default.
  • For those that are thinking about a wait and see approach after January 22nd (e.g. opt-out now with thought to opt-in after January 22nd), there are serious funding consequences that council needs to consider.  
  • The province will be providing additional funding information soon but here is the Minister of Finance’s municipal funding information the AMO President received yesterday.
Finally, we urge you to share this information with your head of council/council (new) sooner than later.