May 31, 2019

AMO President, Jamie McGarvey, spoke to the Standing Committee on Justice Policy on our proposed amendments and recommendations on Bill 108. AMO's written submission speaks to municipal governments’ concerns about the impacts of the Bill if passed as is.

AMO’s comments include:
  • A return to de novo hearings at the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT) is a big step backwards and is not supported.  Local councils take their democratic responsibilities seriously.
  • There is great municipal concern that legislation could result in lowering the development charge revenue that is needed so growth can pay for growth.  Municipalities need to be able to support growth in our communities.
  • There is concern that changes will increase the municipal administrative burden.
  • The shortening of timelines means greater emphasis on the need for complete applications.
  • The objectives of Bill 108 are worthy – to increase the mix and speed of housing development, especially affordable housing.
  • Municipal governments agree with the objectives.  The municipal sector will monitor whether its implementation achieves the expected outcomes.
The Standing Committee will undertake a clause-by-clause review before June 4, after which we will know whether our advice is accepted. The Legislature is expected to pass Bill 108 next week.

This timing is driven by the legislative agenda, which unfortunately has not provided for broad consultation on the many Bill 108 schedules. Bill 108 will require numerous regulations for implementation. Draft regulations generally involve public consultations. AMO will continue to advocate for municipal involvement in Bill 108 regulations.