July 16, 2019

On July 12th, Ontario’s Attorney General, the Honourable Doug Downey, wrote to all municipal governments seeking input regarding joint and several liability, insurance costs, and the impact of ‘liability chill’ on the delivery of public services. AMO welcomes this consultation and seeks your support in responding to the government’s request.  Liability reform represents a longstanding request of municipal governments.

The consultation period will remain open until September 27th. The Attorney General welcomes delegations and written submissions during this period.  If the government is to consider reforms that would address some of these challenges, it is critical for municipalities to provide input and describe their experience.

In February 2014, MPPs from all parties supported a motion calling on the Province to reform joint and several liability.  Nearly 200 municipalities also supported the motion introduced by Randy Pettapiece, MPP for Perth-Wellington, which called on the government to implement a comprehensive, long-term solution.

AMO has assembled a group of municipal lawyers and risk managers to support municipal participation in the review.  AMO is pursuing this work independently of the municipal insurance industry. The task force will be meeting with government representatives in the weeks ahead.

For more background, please see AMO’s Liability Reform paper or view our Managing the Cost of Risk insurance survey results.

Please feel free to write to the Attorney General at magpolicy@ontario.ca.  AMO would also appreciate receiving a copy of your correspondence at amopresident@amo.on.ca.

If you have any questions related to the consultation, please contact AMO Senior Advisor Matthew Wilson at mwilson@amo.on.ca.  

Thank you for your support.