November 13, 2019

Schedules of interest to municipal governments:

Schedule 4:
Amends the Cannabis License Act, 2018 to allow licensed cannabis stores to take cannabis orders by phone or internet for in-store pick up and allows Health Canada licensed Ontario cannabis producers to open a site store in the same location as the production facility.

Schedules 10 and 31:
Amends the Development Charge (DC) payment schedule for commercial and industrial properties so that payable, in full, at occupancy. The bill also proposes to preserve the alternate parkland provision (of 1 hectare for every 300 dwelling units) during the transition period and will make the municipal Community Benefit Charge calculations appealable through the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT). AMO previously advised members of these changes.

Schedule 14:
Amends the Gasoline Tax Act to reduce the amount of tax paid on aviation fuel by Northern Ontario residents.

Schedule 18:
Amends the Highway Traffic Act to allow electronic documents. Other schedules amend the Shortline Railways Act, Off Road Vehicles Act and Motorized Snow Vehicles Act to allow for electronic documents.  

Schedule 25:
Amends the Municipal Act to set out rules regarding the recalculation of property tax if there is a change in the permitted use of a property.  

Schedule 32:
Proclaims the second Tuesday in May to be the Provincial Day of Action on Litter.

Schedule 33:
Amends section 23 of the Provincial Offences Act to provide a written process for laying of information under that section.

Schedule 37:
Creates regulatory authority to specify how Broader Public Sector entities carry out procurement and supply chain management. AMO has confirmed with the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services that this legislation does NOT apply to municipal governments.