August 14, 2019

Today, AMO released “Fixing the Housing Affordability Crisis: Municipal Recommendations for Housing in Ontario”.

Addressing the housing affordability crisis facing our residents throughout Ontario is a key priority for AMO and municipal governments.  It is also a priority for the federal and provincial governments.  While recent provincial and federal initiatives on housing reflect an interest in tackling these challenges together, AMO has a number of recommendations that focus on outstanding issues that need to be addressed.

Municipal governments are ready to continue working with the provincial and federal orders of government and our non-profit, co-operative, and private sector partners.  Our focus is on finding solutions to the housing affordability crisis that make sense for everyday families, local communities and property taxpayers, while focusing especially on housing solutions that will help those most in need.

AMO’s housing paper provides ideas aimed at doing just that.  It consolidates AMO’s outstanding housing recommendations and also provides advice to the federal and provincial governments to make sure the housing initiatives underway make a meaningful difference for those in housing need.
To do so, the paper focuses on five key areas:
  • Increasing the Supply of Affordable Housing for Families
  • Creating a Financially Stable Model for Community Housing
  • Expanding Affordable Housing Options
  • Ending Homelessness; and
  • Supporting People with their Health Care Needs for Successful Tenancies.
 “Fixing the Housing Affordability Crisis: Municipal Recommendations for Housing in Ontario” will guide our work as we continue to engage with our partners in housing in the time ahead.
The paper is a product of the hard work of AMO’s Housing and Homelessness Task Force with collaboration from the Planning Task Force.  We also thank our partners from the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, the Ontario Municipal Social Service Association, the Northern Ontario Service Deliverer’s Association, the Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association, the Cooperative Housing Federation of Canada – Ontario Region, the Ontario Federation of Indigenous Friendship Centres, and the Housing Services Corporation for their input and advice over the years.